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Slavisches Seminar


Day 1

March 11, 2021


09:00 Introduction

Session 1

9:15 Marija Brašić: Coordination of unlike categories in Serbo-Croatian (PDF, 70 KB)
09:45 Georg Höhn: Semantic variation in Greek and Bulgarian quantifier unagreement (PDF, 44 KB)




Coffee break


Session 2 
10:30 Alexandru Nicolae: The syntactic locus of definiteness in the Balkan languages: from enclitic articles to polydefinite constructions (PDF, 149 KB)
11: 00   Mirjana Miric and Maja Miličević Petrović: Variation in the nominal declension in Timok vernaculars (PDF, 993 KB)
11:30 Alberto Giudici and Chiara ZaniniIstrian uni/une: the rise of an indefinite plural article? (PDF, 133 KB)




Lunch break


Session 3


Svetlana Ćirković: Non-pronominal use of the dative clitic si in Timok vernaculars: syntactic patterns (PDF, 148 KB)

13: 30 

Zrinka Kolakovic and Edyta Jurkiewicz-Rohrbacher: BCS pronominal clitic variants ju and je in standard and colloquial varieties

14: 00

Teodora VukovicAnastasia Escher and Barbara SonnenhauserDegrees of non-standardness. Feature-based analysis of variation in a Torlak dialect corpus (PDF, 192 KB)


Day 2

March 12, 2021





Plenary talk by Nour Efrat-Kowalsky: 

What modern distribution can tell us about the past: Evidence from the Ancient Near East

Session 1
10:00 Paul Widmer and Barbara SonnenhauserGenerational and individual variation in heritage Albanian in Switzerland (PDF, 41 KB)


Hellìk Mayer: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian or Nonetheless Serbo-Croatian? An Empirical Analysis of the Austrian Diaspora (PDF, 94 KB)




Coffee break 


Session 2


Ivan Šimko: Browsing the Digital Damaskini (PDF, 86 KB)

11: 45  

Agnes Kim and Maria Schinko: Variation of preposition choice in Central European languages – diatopic, diamedial, diachronic and semantic aspects (PDF, 130 KB)
12:15   Farewell